These are sites that I have had something to do with, whether it was from start to finish or a small part. I have made several notations below them to give you an idea of what they were for. If you click on the photo you can go to a mocked up area with it functioning. Please keep in mind these are not "live" and may have portions that do not work.
Coffman Legal is a recent client of mine, I have taken over his web presence and put together a look for his site. I have also set up hosting and other web related services for Mr. Coffman.
Some friends of ours wanted a site for their wedding, so after some revisions here is the finished product.

You can also check out the site (live) as it may have some revisions or updates.
A friend of mine asked me to put together a site for him. He is an online gamer, so he wanted something tech/cool looking. I was able to incorporate a little bit of flash because he wanted the alien's eyes to glow/blink/change color, anything like that. So here is what I have come up with. There is no content in this copy of the site, if you click on "About" or "Contact" they will show you the inside page(s) that I did. Or you can take a look at the live site and see what he has done with it!.
Armstrong Law Office
The Armstrong law office contacted me to put together their web presence. Here is what I came up with! There live site can be found here.
High Desert Kiger Site
I originally did this for the owners of High Desert Kigers. I had pitched it to them, but they opted not to use it. They are friends of my mothers, which is why I was offering it to them. I did everything from html to the graphics. Check out what they have instead.

R.A. Dick Howells
I took there existing site at the time and came up with a new concept that I thought had better navigation and overall look and feel. They opted to not use which was disapointing. Here is what they currently have.


A Class Project I did for a friend
A co-worker of mine came to me because his wife had to create a web presence for a class. The assignment didn't focus on the creation but the content. So it is not a case of me doing the work for her, just doing some web design to make hers the best in the class!


Robert's little piece of Cyber Space
I went ahead and designed a little site for Robert's photos and other information. He is not very good at keeping it up to date, but he has added photos from time to time!

I was able to incorporate a "Latest News" feature for him. It is a dynamic flash movie that loads when the page loads.

I worked on the graphics, html, & flash for this site. Robert submitted some of the artwork as well.


A site I started for Ryan
After I first started learning flash, I decided to try doing an entire site in Flash. Well, needles to say, it kicked my butt and I never got it finished. The site is no longer online other than here and the domain name doesn't exist anymore either. It does require a pop up to start, if it doesn't start just click on the start button and it will open the new window.

This was never really "finished" so somethings don't work and there is missing information in some places.

A test site for Eric Joy
Eric has helped me with many html/php projects, including the construction of my photography section of my web site. In return I helped him with some graphics for his site. This is just the graphics that I had done for him. He is going to use this in conjunction with a Dreamweaver template and create his own PHP.


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